Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I am really good a collecting things and not putting them out....or away (I have boxes of wine in the basement that are inches, literally, away from the wine cabinets....it would take like a minute to take it out of the box and store them.....that is how lazy I am!)  So it should be no surprise that it has taken me like....forever to put some of my favorite treats on display.
Let me start by saying that I really messed up at WCHC when I saw that Pumpkin Head was on display at the NorCal booth.  I saw it and thought what a tragedy that that piece had not sold....I have had my eye on it for a while....I really should just give it a home.  I meant to call Shell and ask her what I had to give her to keep it here in Oregon.  But I got busy with the convention and forgot.
I know that you are not surprised about that.....either am I.

So after a few messages to my friend we arranged for some gold to change hands and he hoped in a box for a one way trip back to Oregon.  A box that he stayed in for far too long....trust me I could hear him complaining every time I walked by.*

That inspired me to finally finish my Frog Queen Folly doll hutch for my small pumpkin collection. (notice the skull up on the top.) It took longer than I thought....but I finally did it.

So I grabbed PumpkinHead and my other pumpkins and gave them a home on top of one of our cabinets.  There is a reason I chose said location....it is the one place in the house that the cats rarely get to.  Too high and the jump from the shorter furniture is too far.

This gives PumpkinHead** a fighting chance.  That is the best I can do with him.  I learned long ago not to get attached to anything breakable.
The other day after working on the abbey we came in and noticed that the light in the living room - actually a sunny day in Oregon - was just magical and we had to get a picture.  Since as on the aforementioned post, we all know I am crap at photos - husband did the honors.

I am quite pleased with the set up and all of them seem to be playing nicely together....not sure the candle is going to stay there.....might have to fill that space with another  blogger Etsy creation :)

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