Monday, August 29, 2011

You do know that from 30 feet way

you are not going to see the Demand foam washer screws that we use to hold to foam panels onto the wood frame? Right?

Yeah, but it does not stop them from being ugly and me wanting to cover them up.

On the last church facade that we built we put rubber cement on the plastic washer and them put the foam shavings on top of it and then heat gunned it.  Looked okay, but we knew we could do better.

So husband got the idea to trace out the washer and cut small circles and Gorilla glue them into place over the washer.

So, we had to further countersink the washers and then cut the circles out of one inch foam and then cut them in half again to get make them thinner.

Then we glued them on and roughed them up and heat gunned them....looks a lot better than the old way.

We needed another step anyway....we are behind schedule and while we where already there we thought we would just get even more behind! :D

But it looks good....and I have more time now anyway! :D

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