Thursday, August 18, 2011

Found the perfect place

to go when the zombie apocalypse occurs....which is any day now I am sure.

Not only is it perfect....but it is in the UK...kinda like going on vacation!  But we are backing weapons instead of 10 pairs of shoes! :)

They are called the Maunsell Sea forts.

Are those not the coolest things ever!?  We all know that zombies cannot swim....right?  At least I am pretty sure they cannot swim.....even if they could swim....that is a long climb.....yeah, I would feel safe here.

They were built to fight off the Germans in WWII - so I am sure they will be perfect against a zombie attack...they look a little rusted though, better stop by the hospital and pick up some tetanus shots (jabs) and some antibiotics :D

An a lot of guns and ammo.....and all the tofu jerky I can carry :D

Okay, silliness over....back to prop building!!

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