Thursday, April 8, 2010

Que the church music

Here is the latest progress on the Luminary. Husband took a cast of one of my votive holders and we are going to cast 48 holders out of resin (plastic). We have been working on getting the color right, been having a bit of difficulty getting it dark red with the tint we are using. (You will notice the one on the right in front is darker than the two on the left.

I looked at the original and I noticed that it is a bit black inside from use, so I am going to take some watered down black paint and lightly coat the inside and see if that helps it loose its "pinkish" look.

Because this prop is an indoor prop and in low light, it will look darker for the party, so I should not worry too much. But I do plan on moving it into the house either into my office or in the wine cellar on the off season, so I want it to look as good as I can make it.

After we are done with all the votives (which is going to take a couple months with only one mold) I am going to clean all the wax off it (that I spent a lot of time adding! :D) line up all the votives correctly add some details to the legs and the collection box and then repaint it.

More pictures to follow.

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