Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Up close

and personal pictures of the graveyard circ 2002.

See another lovely store bought tombstone...and look at the great paint work on my tombstones...that was before I discovered "aging". And notice over in the far right top corner...yes that is a blucky hanging in the tree.

Notice also the midget mud monks that are less than 5 feet tall....not very scary.

Now the moss glued on is not bad.....just needed a bit more painting "aging" on the columns. Oh and nice store bought plaque above the crypt.....and yes that is a dummy with a wedding dress in the crypt. Just stuffed the dress with paper and put a wig on a wig head :)

Why am I only doing these two at a time? Because that is about all I can scan before my eyes start to burn :D

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