Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two words that should never

be used in the same sentence at anytime in this universe.

"Spiders" and "thousands"

I knew you all knew that, just a little reminder.

Thanks to me a my big mouth about my group prop idea I have been getting a great amount of spider emails.

Thank you all......I will remember your "kindness".

Yes I will.

You can be certain of that.

Yesterday when I got home I had at least 5 emails about the literally "boat load of spiders" that tried to dock in Guam.

From the sounds of it, I think they might have been driving.

Somewhere in the article I read "thousands of spiders swarmed the dock..."

it probably continued to read "and ate every ones brains..."

But I had to quit reading . . . . self preservation kicked in.

I now know this for certian.

I do believe the world is for your lives!!! :D

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