Friday, July 30, 2010

You would think

that the prop that I redesigned several times, spent the most money and time on would be something in the yard.

You would be wrong.

This FQ folly, the Luminary, a whim after talking to John Barrowman from EFX-TEK (they are a bad influence on husband and I) at a haunt gathering, has gone through major changes for the last three years.

I was happy with the last version, it just was not fancy enough. So this year husband has been casting me plastic candle holders for the 48 candles.....with one mold. He has been pouring these things since March. He love me.

This past weekend I designed and we cut out these wood pieces on the scroll saw to put on the sides of the luminary to make it look like metal scroll work. I am guessing that this year alone we have spent 80 hours on this prop.

It will be spectacular when it is done!

I do so love my follies.

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