Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are we all

ready for the two corpsing classes tomorrow?

You should be? Cause after years of experience I can tell you is it much easier to make a corpse than dig up a body for the display....Let the frog queen tell you, after years and years of experience.

Fake corpses are:

Easy to carry
smell better
last longer (I mean a real corpse has about 4 year shelf life above I am told :)

and you avoid those awkward conversions with the police...on where "exactly" did you get that body :D

and eventually we all run out of family members and disappointing neighbors....okay...maybe just me :D

Welcome the first group of students to the Davis Graveyard University 2010!

It is going to be a long fun Saturday!! Thanks in advance to the crew!!!

Happy Halloween!!

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