Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thinking about Halloween

can make almost any day better. Case in point.

So yesterday was probably one of the most stressful days at work I have had in a while....been just a crazy time lately (working ridiculous amounts of overtime).  Things did not go as planned (happens) and lots of last minute changes and problem solving.

So when that was over I just wanted to go out with some friends...but I had to make one stop first. 

On the outside of the building it said "David's Bridal" but when I got inside, and was seduced by mountains of pastels and ruffles...I knew something was wrong.

I just could not put my finger on it.

First, pastel pink is the color that my sister has in mind for me.  My sister is also a red head...what was she thinking!  Anyway, her wedding, I will wear what ever she wants me to wear.  This time it is not about me.

Yes, I was scaring myself with how mature I was acting...growing as a person is rather painful, they forget to tell you that :D

Anyway, it my head I am thinking....this will be fun, I will just get this pink dress, take pictures, but it on eBay with a funny story of how I had to buy this pink dress after I have blogged endlessly about how much I detest pink and have the auction end the day after the wedding.  Even if I did not get much for it....I would be entertaining myself, and we all know how much I like to do that :D

Many boring complications ensue and now I am getting a  pale green dress, cause that's "better" (pale pink, pale green - does not matter at this point still as pastel - at least she did not pick out the leopard print dresses!).  Again, not about me....I will wear whatever she wants me to wear.

So when they bring me the "chosen" dress in my size to try on and it is bright orange (of course it is.) Anyway, orange is worse than pink on this red head, it was just stunning :D  Really, my eyes almost burned out of my head.

As this is happening I notice a very scary voice coming from the overhead speakers. 

No way....they are not playing a local radio station in the store!  That is wrong (and illegal) in so many ways.

Anyway, this is exactly when I put my finger on what was wrong about this place!

....if John Tesh (sorry to all you Tesh fans)  is coming through the speakers and I am putting on a satin orange dress.....

I am in hell.

Funny, I thought it would involve spiders :D

At this point I just have to laugh, and let it all go. This day has been just insane and getting weirder by the minute. I am done trying to control what is going on around me, which I should have done at about 11:00 am this morning.

Silly frog queen.  So I do what I normally do when I am feeling overwhelmed.

I think about Halloween is a Halloween color suddenly in my mind this dress turns into this:

And that made me laugh at how crazy I really am.

Went out later that night with friends and had a great time. Got reminded that the cure for a horrible day is laughing at yourself.....and pumpkins. 

Never underestimate the power of a jack o'lantern.

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