Thursday, July 1, 2010

Look over here

at this bit of shiny!!

To distract you from the fact that I have not posted how to create the video effects for the ghost. No reason really...just busy. I mean I had to get my nails done last night and I got the new girl and she took FOREVER and I got home really late and. . . . . . :) was that distracting enough :D

Anyway, a really long time ago I promised you all that if we won the Home Haunters Association Yard Haunt of the year that I would give away all the prizes as a thank you. By now you were likely thinking...that frog queen is a lying little cow :D

Well, not on purpose at least. The truth is that we have not received many of the prizes....I know who to ask about them and he is my I have had a hard time bring up in conversation....oh, and by the way. Where is our stuff?

Well what I wanted to do was mention it in person...but we did not go to Hauntcon so now I need to send an email and ....oh, I got distracted that time....anyway. I don't plan on seeing the rest of the items anytime soon.

So, here are the few that I did get. Thanks to the wonderfully talented Mitchell's and Midnight Syndicate for donating these prizes. We love your stuff, in fact we already own it, that is how much we dig it.

So, as promised....finally, I am giving these away. The usual way to enter. Comment on this post. You can also put this on your blog or Facebook or tweet for an extra entry, just comment here to let me know you did...and BTW - thanks!

Since this giveaway is light on prizes, I will add a few things over the next week. Husband and I will be cleaning up the shop and working on props, so I will see what I can find laying around. Maybe we can cast a foam skull or two :)

I promise that the video post is coming next....really....I will work on it straight away!

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