Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finally, the skulls

have arrived at our Etsy store!

Thanks so much to Cortney at Haunt Jaunts....if I had not offered up a skull as a giveaway on her blog (along with a set of prints) might all still be waiting for these! :D

Anyway, if you like the "Milo" skull head (middle picture) head over to her blog and enter to win.  She has a great blog on all places haunted that is one of the Frog Queen's favorite places to visit!

Oh,and I guess I should fess up....don't get too excited about the skull posting....I only managed to get three of them on there :D  I promise if those clear our right away, I have more, but if I can get them on the Etsy store between now and Halloween....that is another story.

BTW - yes I know the shipping is expensive.  Believe me, one of the reasons it has taken me so long to get these on the blog is shipping.  I cannot find a better way than the post offices priority mail boxes.  Because:
  • They are concerete and they are heavy - flat rate is very close to the regular rate
  • Priority Mail means that the box will spend no more than three days in the hands of the "oh so careful" post office ;)  Less time with them....less chance the box becomes a soccer ball :)
  • I need to use a much larger box than the skull to give it LOTS of room for padding. Because they are concrete they are going to want to move around when shipped.
I love all you blogger friends and I really wish I had a better solution for shipping.  If you think these are expensive....wait until you see the full skull shipping costs....ouch.

I have many more styles to add to the store.  I promise to get them up there as soon as I can.

Oh and I will someday create a permanet link on my site for the Etsy store.....someday :)

Now....back to prop builidng!!!

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