Friday, October 1, 2010

Funny, I was feeling the same

way today. I have to say that we have over extended ourselves again. I mean we do it every year, but this year I we are in way over our heads. Last night before we went down to finish decorating Wine:30, we made two scarecrows....well, one was a rebuild...but yes, we are both out there whipping up props that have to be installed tomorrow. Another project we started...more on that later.

Today is going to be crazy busy until late tonight....then we have to finish setting up the yard tomorrow :D

So, I apologize that I have been missing from the blog, facebook and twitter world :(

Stop this ride, I think I want off :)

On that note....husband sent me an IM conversation he was having with a friend. It was too funny not to share. I knew I married that man for a reason, he just makes me laugh :)


Husband: I'm not feeling the Halloween monster anymore but I do feel like I'm on some sort of rollercoaster that started without me getting my seatbelt on yet. and it is reaching the top of the hill

Noportopantoloni: I feel the sort of the same way but instead of the front seat I got stuck with the back seat in the last car

Husband: Oh, I'm in the front seat. Got there early and everything....

Noportopantoloni: getting whipped around a little.

Husband: No, going to fall to my death if I don't get the belt on soon.

Husband: beyond unprepared and out of time

Husband: keep adding shit to do and waiting until the last minute to do it.

Noportopantoloni: crazy bastard

Husband: gotta learn that if you change the schedule that you have to get rid of something not try to do it all in the same amount of time

Noportopantoloni: it's called scope creap

Husband: in our case...creep creap!

Husband: sometimes you just have to slow down and read web comics

Noportopantoloni: well said

BTW - No porto pantoloni - is from a Poxy Boggards song "I Wear No Pants". We have definitely corrupted several of our friends with their music :D

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