Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let me start by saying

that it was a very polite and nice lady, with about six really cutely dressed kids in full Halloween costumes,  that said to me as I getting in my car in front of the house:

"I just want to request that you not run you display tomorrow, in order to observe the lord's day"

Now...husband and I had just come from a late breakfast and noticed that one of the lovely establishments by our house was having a "truck or treat" for the little kids.  It was cute...we barely noticed...except for everyone was in costume.

On Saturday....which is no big deal....except for Halloween is on Sunday.

I say any opportunity you have to wear your costume go for it....

I am not sure these people share my enthusiasm.

Anyway...I sighed and said:

"No, thanks for asking"

She said: " Thanks, I,  had to ask, have a nice day."


You know what?  I thought of a lot of things that I should have said.....and when I talked to some of the can bet they had their fare share of "suggestions". :D

But still....the I go with my gut.  I should have said.......

You know what I really wanted to say to her?

I bet you do :D

Before I tell you......I ask you this?

What would you have said?

Yes, I am .....

Back to prop building....cause I so know you are not done yet?

Just like the rest of us!!! :D

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