Monday, June 6, 2011

The general concensis is "yes"

We can build the new ruined abbey.

We have a little more planning to do, but we are getting ready to start the build.  It is going to take us all summer to build. That being the case, it will likely stay in the driveway until after Halloween.  Huge project both on scale and amount of work....and cost.

Got me thinking about our process.  Take last year for example, not a lot of big projects that you would notice from the yard, but there was a LOT of behind the scenes work done.  Just setting up the wiring system for the various lighting features took a good part of the summer.

That said, I am curious what your focus this year is?

Long list of little projects?

One big project?

Is this a repair year?

And how to do you prioritize, organize and budget your projects?

And last but not least.....who wants to buy the old abbey facade? :)

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