Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wow, the world does not revolve around me

Damn, and I was sure it did.  Just ask husband :D

Anyway - since I have been back and out among the world again all this stuff has happened over the last month or so:

Sadly - they very much loved Eric "Unkle Pigors" - Toxic Toons had a heart attach.  Very sad, but he is doing better.  He is one of the most talented and generous people in the haunt community - we wish him a speedy recovery!

During West Coast Haunters Convention we talked to Ed about opening the haunt to the public to make some extra money for the school since he was going to have it open for the show.  He did, and raised about $1,400 (I believe) for the school on one May.  Way to go everyone!

Well, we all knew this was going to happen someday....the Bloodshed Brothers are doing a pro haunt!  It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, but I belive they are on the right track now....ouch, that pun hurt! Congrats to the guys - I am lucky enough to call them friends and they definitely have the hearts to be one of the best haunts....I will get to say "I knew them when..." :D  Really looking forward to that day!  Congrats guys!

Holy crap!  Hauntcast is FREE!! (again!)   Woohoo!  I am so glad that things are working out for Chris and the gang on this project.  It is a great show and I am glad to hear that it is moving forward and getting the attention it deserves - much thanks to everyone working on the show....and to Guy - who I know is working like a mad man (because he is, in fact, mad) on the website.

And once again Midwest Haunters Convention went on without us!  How does this happen year after year?!  Mystery to me!  LOL!  Looks like everyone had a great time.  I really, really want to work it in the budget for next year.

Big congrats to the uber-fantastically talented  team of Bean & Pumpkinrot (Hollow).  They are now feature in the Primitives by Kathy catalog for retail stores!! Woohoo!   Could not happen to a more deserving couple of people.  I will be visiting all my local gift shops.....looking for those familiar pumpkin faces!!

Ghoulie Girls....remember them!! They are back...well, almost back.  There is one less girl...but I believe she is Ghoulie enough to pull it off on her own for a while.  Word is she has another blogger...I mean mind to join her!  Cannot wait to see how this unfolds!

I learned that you cannot ship wine without a licence - I actually might have know that....but I am sure I forgot - I almost got a really good vendor friend of mine in trouble because one of the bottle broke in shipment :)  Luckily he did not end up in jail and was able to make it to MHC ....but it was close....real close.  Sorry Chris!

That is all I can remember for now....if I missed something big - yeah, well, no one is perfect.... especially me!

Happy Haunting everyone!

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