Friday, January 29, 2010

I really should

clean out my car more often. :)

I found a bag that has several items in it that I should have mailed in December to my winners. Which seems impossible since I swear I remember making like.....ten trips to the post office, in the pouring December, how did miss any!!!

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Anyway...yeah, it is almost February. So I apologize to both Micheal (My Two Yens Worth) and Jason (The Captain's Ramblings) - your Davis Graveyard energy drinks went out today, finally (with an extra bonus because I am such a loser)...priority mail. Please forgive me! :)

And, I will be sending out the long lost magical pumpkin seeds to Orange and Black also.....I really have no good excuse.....none....not really..........

I do not blame any of you if you never enter another of my drawings again......

But I am going to do some anyway :D

BTW - all of them were too nice to say anything to me...seriously people, just send me an email that says....."Oh, frog queen . . . . did you forget something? Where is our stuff!!?" :D

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