Monday, January 25, 2010

My marriage survived another

video making ordeal.

We disagree more about the video than creating and putting the display up - it is crazy :D

Whether I like it or not....the offical 2009 Davis Graveyard video is done and off to Paul for the DVD collection. Husband even posted it on YouTube and the lovely, talented and generous ShellHawk even posted a link to it on her blog before I did!! Thank you!!

Anyway, it was the usual ordeal. Husband grabbed all the footage and I complain that there are lots of things missing. Next year our "new prop" will not be new at all :D After two years of running the full "Preacher" effect, we still do not have any footage that is complete.

Most everyone has seen the ghost come out of the door....creepy, spooky....but did you know that through the magic of EFX-TEK prop controllers and some UV lights from Minispotlights and the actuator mechanism for a car door lock, the second part of the effect is the sound of footsteps as he is walking.....when he fades away, you still hear the footsteps, and then as they get louder you see glowing footprints appear to "walk" down the front steps and then as they get closer the gate rattles as if someone is trying to get out. It is by far the most complicated prop in the yard......and apparently, quite rare, you only get to see it if you come to the yard :D

I promise next year that it will be the first thing that we film :D

Anyway, since our footage was not exactly what we wanted we decided to so something fun (kinda like our interesting Christopher Walken/Raven version from last year) with our video. Likely a bit hokey for the serious haunter....but anyone that reads this blog knows that I am far from serious :)

Since husband and I are big Universal monster movie fans, we decided we use that inspiration for our video. We decided to just turn everything black and white and watch one of the trailers for Frankenstein - over and over - and completely rip off the idea.

So here is the 2009 Davis Graveyard Haunt video - a la Frankenstein trailer inspired.

Thanks to Roman and Shaina for their video footage and as always thanks to Marci Brandt for the lovely still shots.

BTW - we put in thank yous to three of my blog buddies that helped with the yard - long distance - this year. PumpkinBrain for working with me to convert the old angel prop into the new Joan of Arc prop. And to both The Captain and Full Moon Industries for supplying the Graveyard with lots and lots of moss.

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