Thursday, January 28, 2010

It is just that

looking at lots and lots of abandoned places (I have to look at about 10 parks/ find one that had an abandoned haunted ride) for hours was getting me down. Very odd, I really didn't think that would happen, so, I am working on getting back my sense of humor and two things lately have brought a smile to my face. (that is a good start)

First - Johnny Thunder has a link to the best desktop wallpaper ever. Okay, the best wallpaper for the Graveyard....husband and I LOVE it. Check it out.

Second - ShellHawk is one of my favorite bloggers and makes me laugh on a regular basis....always enjoy visiting her blog. She mentioned that she is looking to get 100 followers and she will have a giveaway....personally I rather see her boobs...but she has made that clear that it is not going to happen :D Anyway, check out her blog and become a follower today - you will not be disappointed! (come on people....she only needs 5 more followers to hit 100!)

Hey, did you notice that these are both Hauntcast peoples......hum, and the new Hauntcast comes out tomorrow....must be something in the air!

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