Thursday, January 28, 2010

So I took this as a sign

I found this picture from an abandoned amusement park in Japan (cannot give you details as it was all in Japanese) and took it as a sign that I need to stop this abandoned park thing.

Can't you just hear the frog saying......"will you stop already!!"

Yeah, I hear ya buddy :D

Not only have my numbers dropped and husband says my blog is has completely killed my sense of humor. Odd how something like that happens. I have been trying to work on some lighter blog posts lately and nothing is working for me.....they are more stupid than funny. Not that I was by any means a good writer before, but I made myself laugh....and as Craig Ferguson says, "that is half the battle" :D

So, going back to my normal Halloween posts. Thanks for the few of you that stuck around :D I promise not to do that to you again! :D

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