Thursday, March 25, 2010

I think he did it

on purpose :D

I ordered a Gruesome Easter Egg from Shadow Farm and you will never guess what was in the box.....never, nope, not a chance......

"I bet he put a spider in the box?" - wow that came from about five people all at once :D

LOL! Yes, there was a rather large spider in the box....creeped me out big time! (Thanks Dave!)

I had to have husband take it out of the box for me.


I purchased one the other day, because I believe that all my "drawing" karma was used up a few years ago when I won 6 cases of wine!

I have my own special Easter (Ostra) party each year, but this year I am skipping the party (scheduling conflict) so I thought I would buy myself something different, but equally unconventional to make me smile.

Here it is, my very own Gruesome Easter Egg :) Very creepy.....I love it.

If you want one of your very own, it is not too late to enter his drawing (you get an egg and a piece of art from his collection - see site for details) or purchase one from his Etsy shop. Great haunt and great artist be sure to check it out.

Oh, and the fate of the spider?

No sooner was it out of the box then Dorie had to have it. Last time I saw it, it was in the sink. :)

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