Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So these are the gates

to Dairse Castle. See, I was not kidding when I said that the church and the graveyard were in the front yard!! Just imagine the frog queen and husband pulling up to these gates.....mind you we are deciding on which castle to rent for our anniversary?

I can tell you that right here, where this picture was taken is where I was 100% sure where we were staying on our holiday :D (Ali is right, you can rent it!)

Here is the picture of the castle from up the driveway, past the graveyard and church...actually this is Scotland....I think I should be calling it a kirk, right?

Who would not want to rent this castle?

Actually, the owner said that there are many people that will not rent it for the exact reason that we love it....they do not want a graveyard that close to where they will be staying.

I guess graveyards are not for everyone? :D

This castle was a restoration project - they will sit down over a cup of tea and tell you all about it - just ask :) They have a few pictures in the second floor bathroom that used to be the beehive-shaped doocot where all the carrier pigeons roosted, of what the ruins looked like before they started the restoration.

Pretty amazing that they were able to rebuild the castle to what it looks like today. They worked with the Scottish Historical Trust to restore it as close to what it might have looked like...but with many modern conveniences. Including radiant heat in the floors, a lift (elevator), and most importantly....indoor plumbing :)

Here is a picture of my mum having her morning coffee on the deck out the back door :) From where she is standing you can see the oldest part of the graveyard and the kirk.

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