Friday, March 26, 2010

This is the enterance

to Inchbuie (a cemetery on an island in the river) in Killin Scotland. It is the burial ground/cemetery for the McNab clan.

You have to have permission to get in, which involved getting a key from the visitors center that has been closed every time I have been there. Likely something about the off season (we usually travel in November.)

Here is frog queen fancying her self a clever photographer. I thought it looked cool!

And I am, just in case some of you thought I was in fact a picture of a Frog on a Pumpkin :)

This is one of the only pictures that I can find on the web for this cemetery. Now I really want to visit. Not sure if we are planning to head to Loch Tay on this visit, but if we can I am going to see if I can arrange to get in.

I researched it a bit and it seems that the key and time limit - you only have 30 minutes to return the key, are partly to keep you from causing much harm and that there are ruins to a castle, old kirk an mausoleum that are in bad shape and very dangerous. If you do not return in 30 minutes...they go looking for you.

I imagine that is why in the rainy season they do not let you on the property, more chance of unstable ground causing the walls to collapse. As much as I want to see this....I also want to live to see more. So if anyone travels there in the spring summer.....please take pictures!!!!

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