Wednesday, December 2, 2009

After Halloween

"You should put them on your Christmas tree." was the recommendation from my friend Dawn.

Hum, I like that idea, I think I will :)

Here are the skeleton faeries that hung over the snack table on the patio for the party. They are too cool, I could not take them fact if they don't make it on the tree, they are going to be permanent fixtures on the patio. I think they go nicely with the skull candle holders :D

See, I had this idea to make skeleton faeries and next thing I know, my friends Dawn and Elyssa made them for me. They are those cheap skeletons on a string from the Dollar Tree with wings made of transparency film colored with glitter.

The logic on why the wings are dull but still colorful and sparkly on dead faeries is because that is where all the magic in the faeries resides. Clever, that works for me. :D

I have the best friends!

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