Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let it snow, let snow,

let it snow!

It is snowing outside!!!

Husband came and woke me up (I am home sick with a bad cold) to let me know that it is snowing outside. Wow, I suddenly feel much better! :D

So I run to the window to check the snow and immediately think of all the pictures I need to take of the yard. I them to husband, who looks at me and says "why you telling me?"

"Well, I am sick with a cold, I cannot go out in the snow in my PJs."

You can see the wheels in his head turning as if to protest....you can see him going through as many possible options available that do not involve him going out in the snow.

Then you see it that moment where he knows.....he better go get his coat on. :D

I do love that guy.

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