Thursday, December 24, 2009

"That is just a frog in a

Santa hat pinned to your sweater." She says.

(I stare back and think....) Yes, yes it is. How observant of you. "I know, isn't that cool! Can you believe I found this!"

"The dress code for today is "Christmas" themed clothing."

(In my head, I think....yes, I know, I read the memo, I actually wrote it years ago...they dust it off every year and recycle it (with one edit a this year)...and really, don't you have something better to be doing right now?)

I reply, jokingly with a smile "I know it might be a big surprise to you, but I don't own a single "Christmasy" piece of clothing." :D

"Oh, that is right, you like Halloween, you wore a skull scarf last Christmas eve, you know, that is a bit weird."

Trying to keep it light I say, "And reindeer antlers...don't forgot those! Man those hurt your head after a while."

"Yeah, and that must be your gingerbread house...the one with the tombstones and the skeletons in the front yard."

(I think, well aren't you the brightest thing on the planet.) Instead I say, "How did you guess? I put snow on the house and the yard....that makes it wintry/Christmasy" :D

She replies "I don't think you know the true meaning of Christmas and I think it is unfair that you make us have to see skeletons at Christmas time. I would say something to HR, but I don't want to cause any trouble."

I think, well that is the last team-building-gingerbread-house-competition I enter. :)

Because I am at work....I just smile and say "I see your point, sorry if I offended you, was not my intention, just having a bit of fun. Merry Christmas."

But in my mind, I plant her face right into my gingerbread house. :D

Happy Saturnalia everyone!!!


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