Friday, December 11, 2009

We discovered quite

by accident one day that Hal (Halloween Cat) does not like dogs. No way, no how, not even a little.

He has always been extremely territorial about the yard. We write that off to the fact that he is a stray from the neighborhood who is mighty happy with himself that he found the suckers he did, and he will be dammed if any other cats are going to get near "his house"

Back to the dog bit.....our friends have the coolest dog (I keep trying to steal him every time I visit) and I told them they should bring him over when they are working. We have a large yard, he should have a great time.

So, one morning they bring their dog over and Hal turns into the demon grave keeper cat, with one intention: get that dog out of my yard. After a few minutes it is very apparent that this is not going to work, Hal wants this dog "out of his yard, right now!"

Hal made it abundantly clear if we did not remove the dog, he had no problem taking care of it himself, and it would likely involve blood, it could be ours or the dogs, made little matter to him :)

I knew then that any dreams I had of finally getting a dog were gone :(

Husband reminds me that he works from home and babysitting three cats is distracting enough....rescuing a dog from the cats on a regular basis will likely make working impossible.

Or, we could get a big dog that could intimidate the cats.....but husband really likes Corgi's . . . and they are no bigger than our two largest cats :D (odd looking dogs, but I have to say, I have warmed up to them, and if I can only get a dog by getting one of those, I can live with a cat sized dog :D )

But, sadly, it looks like it is a dog free house for the frog queen.

Anyway, this cute dog was at the wedding this Halloween. We saw him and said "we have to find Hal before he sees the dog."

They said, "Don't worry, he loves cats"

We both think "I imagine he does, but I doubt that will make a difference to Hal" :)

Too late, Hal spots him. His eyes start glowing red and ears curl up like horns.

I grab Hal (I know stupid thing to do with a mad cat) and put him up on the table and put myself between Hal and the dog. (yet another stupid thing to do.)

After brief negotiations between the dog owners and Hal (who the whole time was looking at me as if to say" dog must die! dog must die!"), we come to an agreement.

"Just be crystal clear, under no circumstances can you let that dog off the lease or out of your sight. Trust me, the moment that dog is free, Hal will fully transform into the demon graveyard keeper cat and will be chasing your dog down the street."

I glance at Hal who is very unhappy and wonder . . . . does anyone else smell brimstone?

They kept the dog on a tight leash and Hal found a high spot that he could sit with the perfect vantage point to watch the dog at all times. If the dog stayed about 10 feet away from Hal, and we kept the situation supervised, the demon transformation was held at bay.

It was a sweet wedding, and it did not start raining until they were packing up to head out. That is nothing short of a miracle in the Pacific NW in October:D

We wish the happy couple well in their new life together.

Here are a few more pictures from our friend Marci

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