Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who is going to

notice that I have not mentioned the Davis Graveyard Energy Drink on my blog if I put one in my give away?

No, one....no one will notice.....no one except Ghoul Friday! I should have known someone would be paying attention :)

So here is the story.

I forgot to mention that I have a friend that runs an energy drink company and we had some made for the gift bags for our party.

For the front of the can, we took a photo of the yard and put the logo from our website. For the back, there are the ingredients and then I put a night time picture of the crypt ghost and the regular logo.

Came out pretty cool. I have about 2 cases left. If any of you would be interested, I can put them in our Davis Graveyard store on our website this weekend. They cost me just under $2 each so as soon as I figure shipping, I will come up with a cost, likely around $3.50 -$4.

BTW - they taste a lot like Red Bull and mixes well with Vodka (just not that skull Vodka :)

And it is going to take me until January to finally post all the stuff from Halloween that I forgot :D

Anyway....let's run two drawings at once.

Besides the big drawing (don't forget to enter that one too!), I will give away a can of Davis Graveyard Energy Drink to two different followers. Just comment on this post before midnight on Tuesday, December 10th and you are entered to win.

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