Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

You have all been a great bunch of blogging friends. I have really enjoyed your comments and appreciate your visiting my blog. Many of you have blogs that I also enjoy reading - win-win situation all round!

So, for all of you, here is my latest and largest giveaway - I will draw a winner next Thursday.

What do you get?

You get Davis Graveyard Swag - remember - frog queen is in marketing - swag is my life, that and ROI reports....I know, I have a very, very sad life

T-shirt - I have S, M, L, XL - tell me your size

Travel Mug - I take mine to every meeting

2008 DVD - the Christopher Walken reading the raven video....I know WTF? I liked it, that is all that matters :D

2007 DVD - this one has ode to Hal...proof that that cat is a frickin' diva!

2006 DVD - award winning video...runner up 2006 Haunt X (now Haunters Video) Awards

Davis Graveyard Energy Drink - keep you awake during the zombie attack

Custom made Graveyard Soap - cleaning up after the zombie attack

Got Zombies Poster - famous graveyard dancers (don't kill these zombies, I need them next year), circa 2009

Cookies in coffin box - I imagine the box is cooler than the cookies, you will have to let me know.

Candy Corn Dots - maybe you will like them.....if not, you can put them in the trash, that is where they will go if they stay at my house :)

Halloween plain M&Ms - M&M are a food group - and also because you didn't eat enough of these around Halloween :)

Bones suckers - lollipops on plastic arm and leg bones - these are so cool, I think this is the hardest thing to part with on this list

Pumpkin cookies - or what is left of, I have not opened them....yet :)

Warning Attack Ghost metal sign - perfect for the thoughtful haunter. I am giving it away, because the frog queen is evil and prefers not to warn her visitors

50 neon necklaces - tag your friends, that way when the zombie attack happens, you won't accidentally shoot them - see, thoughtful of me to share my secrets! :) - inspired by the fact that since I have some free time....husband and frog queen have stared playing Left 4 Dead :D

Six small black plastic witches kettles - use over small fake flames only....or fill with candy...or blood. Whichever, makes no difference to me, they are yours now.

Two small skulls (from Skeleton Store) Okay, I am going to say, because I am very capable of acting like a 12 year old - everyone needs a little head :D

Rosemary smudge stick - after all those people around my (and likely your) house on me, you need one.

Voodoo Doll that from New Orleans (purchased it there myself) - perfect of that neighbor who didn't appreciate your display....just kidding...display it nicely on a shelf, never use them ;)

Candles from Alchemy Candles...the frog queens favorite candles

Small gray cat named Dorie :D - remember, she like fish flavored cat food and drinking out of the sink....oh, and she is completely, bat poop, crazy, get used to sleeping with one eye open. :D

Just kidding!!

Because, seriously, it you could get one of three cats..... they all like boxes :D I cannot help it if they cannot get out before I tape it shut :D

I am going to give you several ways to enter:

One entry for commenting on this post

Anyone who has followed this blog for six months or more automatically gets another entry

Followed the blog for over a year? You get two extra entries and are certifiably crazy - so you and Dorie will get along just fine :)

I will add extra ways to win all week!

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