Friday, November 6, 2009


Whoo, whoo, whoo!

Sent me this really cute owl?

While the absolutely fabulous Ghoul Friday!!!

I ordered a copy of her Brains Vs. Coffee book for myself and a couple as give aways at the Halloween party (she even signed them!!!).....and she put in a little something extra!

I think there is some burlap involved ;)

Anyway, it like many of my lovely Halloween items is remarkably cat toy shaped. Actually, there is very little that does not become a cat toy at some point if it resides in my house. When I went to take his picture....I found him behind my likely he has already seen some battle. Poor guy...I wonder if she warned him where he was going? :D

So, because of the high probability of further damage....I am putting it up and out of the way. He is sitting on a picture frame in my "cat hall" where the little fuzzy demons cannot see him.

He is currently sitting on the frame of the lovely cat print I got from Chris over at SpookyCK...I think he likes that vantage point. He can keep an eye on the suspicious looking cat in the picture above him.

I could let him know it is just a picture....but he seems pretty content to be starring all day!

Thanks so much Ghoul Friday! Your work is amazing and I am more than pleased to have a piece of my own.

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