Saturday, November 7, 2009

One last picture

before I take it all down tomorrow.

It is 2:40 am on Saturday, I need to get up in a few hours to take the yard down. But I am still awake because for some crazy reason I decided to make everyone breakfast and lunch.

Guess I have become accustomed to a certain level of stress in my life :D

Anyway...figured, while I was being crazy.....I would take a few real candles out in the yard, cause husband is asleep and was not there to protest! :D

This is something that I have wanted to do a very long time....but because of the weather, as it was tonight, rain presents a problem.....and with a yard this big, lighting candles every night, is just not practical nor, I sounded just like husband there for a moment :)

Anyway, one picture by candle light to shut down the show.


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