Thursday, November 12, 2009

Return of the

Spiders, but this is a cool one.

I originally ordered this for a door prize for my Halloween party.

Note, I said, ordered. I apparently forgot the paying step. Very bad frog queen.

I blame it on the madness that is October :)

Anyway, the very patient Melissa worked with me and we got everything sorted. Except that it was too late for to make it for a party gift. :(

Oh no, I am going to have to keep it, isn't that terrible! - Hee, hee! ;D

Anyway, it is a cool thaumatrope with the web on one side and the spider on the other from the very talented Mellisa the Holiday Queen. She has a great blog and Etsy store. Check it out when you get the chance.

That being said, I have updated my Etsy shop recommendation to her site - go get yourself some holiday items. They are beautiful!

BTW - since my Dorie cat really wants to eat the ribbon on this, I am afraid of spiders....and it was originally meant as a door prize, I am going to add it to my upcoming follower appreciation giveaway that I will post this weekend! Watch for details!

AND don't forget to check out the "Help Me" post below!

Yes, I am going to mention that at the end of every blog post! :D You have been warned.

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