Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tired, very tired

So the yard is up for another week, take down is next we have everything running again tonight and we are having Marci come back and take photos while there are less people and we can pause the effects so she can get good pictures.

Oh, yeah....there were thousands and thousands of people last night. I cannot believe how many people there were! Amazing and a bit scary. We were telling people to get off the fence and out of the ivy all night long. A bit of crowd control was needed for the some of the people that were a little too much in the spirit.

But all and all a good night.

If I think I am tired....I am not as tired as the poor comment box guy! He is going to need more than a nap to recover! :(

(click to see the damage...poor guy! )
He is going to need some major surgery, his head and legs are completely crushed, and many of the skulls are cracked. :( People (kids) were standing on him so they could see the dancers. the way....were fabulous!!! And sold all 75 posters I had printed and could have sold more!!!

More details to come!

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