Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I hope to never eat

my words...the ones I have said over and over again about never wanting to own a haunted attraction.

I have friends that do, they seem happy enough, but if you sit and have a drink with them.....the conversation turns to the people....staff and customers and the horror stories. (pun intended)

A haunted house is not what I want. I don't have the skills to run a haunted house at my expectation level. I would only go down that path if I could see a way to make it happen without compromising.

As of today frog queen is still saying she never wants a haunted house....almost nothing can change my mind.

Except for maybe this building. :)

It is here in the Portland area, used to be an old train station and is now owned by our local gas company. I have inquired about it several times. They say it is not for sale.

Perfect, isn't it?

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