Monday, September 28, 2009

What are the odds?

So I come home early to work in the yard before the rains. I need to trade out one fake crow with another. I pull the old crow off the prop, attach the new crow. I grab the can of black spray paint to touch up the feathers and start spraying.

I turn the crow over and guess what is where his eye should be.

Yep, a spider, a frigin spider! I threw the crow on the ground, shook my hand and did my little "Ew, I just touched a spider" dance.

Picked the crow back up expecting his eye to be gone, consumed by the real and plastic-eye-eating-evil-mutant-monster-spiders that have in inhabited my yard.

But no, the eye was still there. The spider long gone...likely on his way over to terrorize our gravedigger.

I gotta call the exterminator :D

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