Friday, September 4, 2009

Is this a

Frog Queen folly or just a monument. Not sure.

We saw a monument like this one years ago in a cemetery in the UK and have wanted to build one ever since.

This year, it if finally made the list. Although this late in the season, I was worried that it was not going to make it again. But thanks to a few friends coming over last weekend, they and husband were able to get it cut a glued together. Big thanks guys....and to Dan. We found that Dan's phone can do trigonometry! Who knew!

It is a 8 foot monument that comes apart in three pieces for easy storage. Husband put PVC pipe and dowels in the pieces so that they would stack together and a piece or rebar can go in the four corners to hold it up.

As usual, husband built a small model of it first, which Lex affectionately calls the "pink castle" so we would know how to build it an how much foam we would need.

I am not sure what to do in the center, we were thinking a silk flame, since it is covered and it won't get as much rain....but it is the NW - we rain sideways over here :) So I don't know how well or often it would work. Off to the Internet to find a how to. :)

I did some aging on it last night while we were filming another video effect so it is close to being painted. I need to get out a hot knife and make some cracks and then I can start the painting process.

Of course it is a holiday weekend in the NW so, there will be plenty of rain. I think I am going to have to get out the space heater!!!

Watch for more pictures.

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