Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Because we don't get enough

trick r' treaters on Halloween.  We decided to make one of our own :D (that is a big lie...the "enough" part....we get thousands of people.)

Actually, this prop came about from the popularity of the Superman costume curled in the fingers of one of the reapers with a trick or treat bag on the ground with candy spilling out of it. 

It is usually towards the back until Halloween night, then we move it to the front.  I never get tired of hearing little kids whisper to their parents "why does he have the costume?" or "what happened to the kid?"

We like to tell them that that is what happens to kids that try to come up the driveway :D

The first time I said that I thought for sure that some parent was going to be offended, but so far, everyone chuckles.

It has been so much fun we decided that we wanted to make our own TOT that we can move around the display, either in the yard or out in front of the display.

Since we are big fans of classic costumers and especially the Great Pumpkin Peanuts special it was a natural choice to go with a kid in a sheet. 

We thought about the actual Charlie Brown multi-eye ghost (which husband and I love)....but we want it to look more real than cartoon.

So here is the latest progress on the TOT - in this picture he has three coats of white paint sprayed on - the mud is naturally kind of beige.  I will give him about 3 more hand painted coats of white this weekend, hand paint the base black, paint on the eyes, but a stuffed bear in one hand and a plastic pumpkin in the other.

The first picture I want to take is of him outside the gate, set like he is looking in the yard, lit only by the street light :)

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