Thursday, September 23, 2010

We were so proud of ourselves

for texturing 116 sheets of pink foam to look like cinder block that we signed a sheet (click to enlarge picture) and took a picture of the whole crew to celebrate!    You will see that Hal managed to get in the photo....cause he always does.
I guess he should, we has the supervisor and he tested several of the finished sheets for their "napping" capability :D

This was the project that we worked on Labor Day weekend for Extreme Home Makeover for the Nightmare was kinda weird at the time, not being able to post or blog about this project.  We were sworn to everyone believed it was for our haunt....116 sheets of foam...I mean I am known for being crazy, but..... the fact that everyone believed me worries me a bit :D

Thanks to everyone....
Hiding in the back: Mark (Matt's brother - who was visiting from out of town)
Left: (another) Mark
Left: Angie, "husband"
Bottom: Hal (Halloween Cat), Matt's Mom (visiting from out of town), Lisa, Dawn, Frog Queen, Dan (standing facing)
Right: standing on stack of foam Toph
Standing: Matt (rockin' on as usual)
Back turned to show off the Davis Graveyard shirt: Nick

Special thanks to Karyn (missing) who spent most of the day and evening on Friday, but could not make it for the photo.  And thanks to Matt's family who spent their vacation working on this project with us.  FQ does have the best friends!

The Davis Graveyard Crew rocks!!!

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