Monday, September 27, 2010

Want to know just

how sick I was last week?  Twice the crew had to come in and wake me up from napping on the couch to show me how a project was going.....very sad.

But Dorie was happy, my kitty loves napping with me. :)

Anyway, one of the projects is the re-engineering of the coachman.  Nothing anyone will notice, but we swapped out the head* and moved all the electronics out of his chest and below the seat.  This will make him easier to take down at night and less top heavy.

While I was napping the crew got the final touches working and he looks like he might actually work most of the season.....fingers crossed. 

And maybe, if husband reads this post, he will be nice enough to supply us with pictures of his and Dan's handwork.....oh and while you are at it be sure to ask him about the new outdoor project that he loves so much.  It is very cool, trust me, you want to hear about that too!!!

*bonus points to anyone that caught that "swapping out the heads" reference from Red Dwarf :D  I am a very silly frog queen!

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