Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In retrospect

I wish I had fallen off the planet like everyone thought I did :D

But I did not....I was keeping a secret.  But as of Sunday evening, it is no longer a secret, so I can break my silence and let you know what the Graveyard crew has been up to for this holiday weekend.....and almost every waking moment since then.

See it started with at phone call over a week ago.....our friend Mike aka Tattoo from Bad Boys Scenic Design that have haunts all over the states, calls us and asks us a favor.

Would we help him with a project in Oregon?

"Sure, what do you need my friend?"

"Well, I am working on a project for Extreme Home Makeover for their Halloween edition, and I could really use your help in creating some rooms."

Now, if the Frog Queen and husband would have had any idea what "Extreme Home Makeover" was, we would have been really excited and, then promptly said "we love you Tattoo, you know we do, but no". :D

But since Tattoo is our friend and he said that we are working on the Oregon School of the Deaf's Nightmare Factory haunted house in Salem (about 45 minutes away) we said "sure".

What started as just creating a 140 foot long brick hallway has gotten horribly....horribly out of control.

We used to have a life....but it's gone now....at least for a week or so :D

More details to come, I gotta go make myself a martini. :)

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