Thursday, September 9, 2010

You do not have to be there

to be part of helping out Nightmare Factory getting a makeover.  They are also taking cash donations to help them purchase items that are not being donated.  Click on this link and go to the bottom of the page and click on the donation link to help out.

I know that several local haunters have asked about helping out and we really appreciate it.  I believe that they are also still looking for volunteers so if you click here, you can sign up to help.

They are still looking for supplies so if you own a business that can help them out or if you work somewhere that has the supplies...please ask your boss if they can help with a donation.  The kids will really appreciate it.

I/we want to clarify that the project we are working on is us being part of the team that is working with Bad Boys Scenic Design, we are basically being Tattoo and Bert's minions for the weekend, we are representing them and not Davis Graveyard.  This is not our party, so it is really not possible for us to invite you to "their" crew, that is why we are referring everyone to the general volunteer site if you want to help.  If anything changes....we know your phone numbers, we will call you and beg you to come help if we need it.  Thanks so much for offering.

Someday when the Graveyard is popular enough to be called in for something like this....we promise to invite you all. :)

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