Wednesday, September 15, 2010

He says, "well wait, what constitues a category 3..."

.... spider?"

In my mind there is screaming and I am thinking "OMG, please be kidding, please be kidding!!!"

Then I watch husband hold up his hand and say "When the legs would stick out of your hands if you held it in your hand....about 4 inch legs."

Dan says "Okay, then it is just a category 2."

I feel like I am in a nightmare. 

I mean I always kid about how much I love the Phil Jupitus routine about spiders, but I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be having this conversation in real life. 

This is really not happening to me.


So, we are at the haunt build working on a soda machine in the cafeteria room...making it look like all the soda, which must have been radioactive (that is why it is green and yellow and bubbly) oozed out all the sides. 

BTW - Great Stuff is not your friend :)  Okay, not my friend.

Anyway, Dawn opens it up to attach the skeleton arm to where the cans come out and says something about seeing the biggest spider right by her face.

At this point I have jumped over the wall and into another room in the haunt.  "I am outta here!  Everyone have fun finishing up, I will call Guy to replace me...see ya!"

From where I am standing I look over and see Dan opening the machine, while Dawn points to the location...and says "Wow" That is a category 2 spider!"

"Or it could be category 3......well wait", Dan looks at husband and asks, "what constitutes a category 3........"

As Dan and husband clarify spider size by husband holding up his hand and saying that "if you had it in your hand the legs would stick out through your fingers."  He states that too 'matter of fact' for my liking.  At that point they decide that the spider in question is only a category 2.......

........yeah guys, that made me feel sooooo much better.  I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.....even though I was physically standing there with my jaw on the floor, I felt myself leave my body as my spirit went running down the hall, screaming!!

As far as I know, the spider is still in there.  So no matter how cool the other rooms are....that one is by far the scariest room in the haunt.

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