Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am sure you all remember

how much I hate logos.

So this time I thought I was being smart and worked with the very talented and cool Guy from House Bloodthorn (I am likely the reason he has not blogged for a while....sorry everyone) when I needed to create a logo for our local haunt gathering Frightfest NW.

First let me say, he did a great job. Now that we are done....for 2009. I could not be happier with what he created. Well, that is mostly true.....the back logo is WAY too busy for me....but is a perfect example of design by committee. I have to say that Guy did a tremendous job with all the details he had to work with. The shirts and stuff are up in the Zazzle store. I owe him big time!

Although.....not everyone in the group might feel the same way. I hear rumbles of discontent...or is hard to tell the difference, they sound so similar when they are sneaking up on you with a hatchet/big scary knife.

I am just hoping I survive next week and get through the gathering (they are great people, I am sure I will have a good time)....I might need some special medication....or at least a few Lemon Drops....or 10, who is counting.

Anyway. Here is the new logo, followed by the design for the shirt back.

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