Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It wasn't meant to be

a tribute to Michael Jackson. But many things in life do not work out the way you intended...I would honestly preferred this to be what I planned it to be...but sadly it is something different.

I have been collecting the zombie and like LOLcat pictures for about a year. I always intended to put a slide show together to "Thriller" as soon as I had enough pictures. It is quite sad that the day before he died I finally decided I had enough pictures to get this project started....and then....well, it got moved up my priority list.

Since I have been so busy and I really wanted to get this out here today, husband has been a dear and took all my images and made the video for me. Here it is. The LOLcat tribute to Michael Jackson

only on the Frog on the Pumpkin blog....because, first, I don't have the endorsement of the LOLcat website, and if I post it on YouTube, it would be pulled in 15 minutes. Let's hope Blogger does not find it. :D

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