Monday, July 20, 2009

I have an allergy

to pink things. And I have been known throw up from too much cuteness :D

I know big surprise for girl obsessed with Halloween. Black and gray suit me just fine.

Plus, as I have said before, pink on a redhead is horrible to behold.

That said (see, I do have a point), I am not a fan of "Hello Kitty" - sorry if I offend anyone.

Fine for you....just too cute and pink for me.

My good friend the Babbling Banshee made me the coolest Hello Kitty Voodoo dolls last year, I LOVED them so it is no surprise that she was excited to send me this find on the interweb....I guy had this made for his wife for her birthday I thought my husband was perfect, but this guy brings on some serious competition!! :D

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