Sunday, July 5, 2009

I should have listened to

the reviews of Mega Shark......something with a (what is it?) ...."octopus."

That intro is only funny if you have seen the movie.

And I hope you have not.

This Friday was the first night of "Drive-In Movies at the Davis Graveyard". We watch movies in our outdoor patio or in the drive way on random Friday nights. The whole neighborhood and friends are invited.

For our first movie husband sent out an email saying that we should watch the Mega Shark movie.....before I could say.....donmnnnnn't....he hit send and then everyone was expecting it.

We did, in fact watch it, when we were not laughing.........ourselves silly. BTW - I have not seen so much stock footage in a film in a long time. It was beyond horrible. Something in the back of my mind have this feeling I read a review from Carl at ILHM that should have sent out a warning....too late now.

My Name is Bruce was the second feature....much better ....but then in comparison....ANYTHING would have been.

You notice there are no links to the Mega Shark movie....that is on purpose....stay away....stay far away!!!

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