Wednesday, October 22, 2014

4:00 am is going to come really early

We are on one of our local morning shows tomorrow am.  So from 5am to 7am on KOIN 6 in Portland, you will be entertained by the Davis Graveyard.

Lucky all you early morning folks! :D

I already need a nap!

Well Dave is just as cool in person

as he is over the air.

Thanks for a great interview OPB - Ellena for making it happen and Dave Miller for being super cool

Here is the recording of our interview today on Think Out Loud 

So much fun!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This really is creepier than most horror films

Think Out Loud (I usually do that a lot)

Just hanging at the graveyard, but tomorrow I get to do it on the radio.  Our local NPR station OPB has a show Monday through Friday from noon to 1pm called Think Out Loud.  Where they talk to all kinds of interesting people about interesting things…..and for some reason someone thought we would be a great topic. 

So one very dedicated intern worked her butt off to sell us to the station, and they said yes.  It is a local show, but you can stream the interview on their website.

We are going to have a great time talking about all the stuff we make, the history of the display and our wonderful crew.  Be sure to listen if you can.  I promise to post a link to the broadcast when it is available online.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I now want a drone

Our local newspaper - who loves us BTW - sent their videographer out to our place during set up and he made this 'behind the scenes' Davis Graveyard video as a promo.

It is f%$king fantastic.  And it is only of the yard before we got all the details (moss and trimmings) done and with no effects running.

I am over the moon on this.

We asked him if he would be willing to film the yard with the effects one night....he said he would be happy to!  I am doing the happy dance!

Wow, so very excited and humbled at how much love we have been getting lately.

Since I got a webcam

I thought I would finally get over myself and just start using it. 

That said, tonight we are going to be on Haunter's Hangout.  Husband and I will be answering questions and talking to fellow haunters about what we love the best.


See you there tonight.

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