Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Davis Graveyard 2014 in pictures

We finally got our act together and got the Davis Graveyard 2014 pictures online.

Most of the pictures are courtesy of Inspire Films.

The last thing that I thought that felt like

was a spider.  But that is what it was.

I was working at my desk and just typing along...then a Facebook message popped up so I moved my hands to the other side of the keyboard to get the mouse.

Put my hand back on the left side of the keyboard to adjust it and I felt something.....

....small, cold and squishy.  Though it was a bit of leftover apple from this afternoon's snack.

I mean I wish it would have been a bit of apple if it had mutated  to have eight legs!!!

So no, an apple was not.

Not even close.

I moved my had and this small white spider with a round body and eight legs crawled out from where my hand had been.

Let me say that case some of you missed the terror that line possessed:

I moved my had and this small white spider with a round body and eight legs crawled out from 
where my hand had been.

As a side note, in my mind I did not ever think that spiders would be cold and squishy to the touch.  I could have gone my whole life without knowing that.

I about fainted....then when I got my breath back, which seemed like forever, I screamed.

How my brain was able to process don't scream too loud, because husband is asleep, I have no clue, I remember thinking it and my voice doing that....but my head has no idea how that happened.

Because that scared the ever loving sh$t out of me.

I was in the middle of a conversation in Facebook that was too serious and time sensitive for me to type to that person

"OMG, I just touched a spider!!!!!!!!  I can still feel the feeling in my hands!!!!"

But I did not, just took a pause or I was in shock.

I watched it crawl across my desk.  I hit it with a coaster.

Whew....glad that is over.

Move the coaster. (It was a cloth coaster, how did I not see this coming?)

Not dead, very small, cold, slimy demon, continues to hobble across my desk.  Apprently stunned and terrified...but not nearly as terrified as me!

I knock it on the floor and watch it try to hobble away.

As much as I hate spiders, I really hate killing living things (why I am vegetarian) and even the thought of killing a spider freaks me the f%ck out!

But there is a chance he might come back for revenge(as most spiders do) so I.....

I squished it with my foot.

Ha,ha, be honest I just like lightly tapped it with my foot a few times.

As if that is more humane than stomping on it.  Frog Queen amazes even me.

Spider was dead and I finished up my conversation.

I am done working on the computer.....that is a sign to go to bed and try not to think of all the spiders that are crawling around when I shut out the light...that should be fun.

Tomorrow I am sweeping and mopping my office floor.....just in case.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Okay, so now I can never be vegan

Because I now have a new reason go love hard boiled eggs!

They are on amazon....go now, wait give me a few minutes to order mine...then the rest are yours!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

That had to hurt

 This last October we had a big windstorm near the end.  It took the wheel of the hearse and the poor Demon/Angel took a nose dive into a pile of rubble......and broke her sword again.

One of the crew already rebuilt her sword.  Out of wood not foam.....that means we are going to have to work on her arm to hold it up....she is going to be the first prop in prop hospital to see if we can save her for 2015.

Not sure I should take it as a sign or what

but my new dermatologist office is in an old funeral home.  

I kid you not!  

They have this picture in the office of the building back in the day.....and the office where I had my surgery was in the know what the basement floor of funeral homes was used for....I have to say I feel a little creeped out. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Built in a day

So we spent this last week at HAuNTcon in Baton Rouge with our haunt friends and family.  Had a great time and have lots more to share.  But I am going to start at the end.  This is the one day build class we did on Tuesday.

We built this crypt wall, monument and fence in one day 8:00 am to 6:00 a hotel.

Because we are just that damn good.  It is not perfect, and would not go in our yard (not without a lot of changes) but we are very proud of ourselves.

Had a great time with my friends and students (new friends!) to make this happen.  Best HAuNTcon one day class ever.  Thanks to my great crew for making this happen!!

We will be doing something like this next year at HAuNTcon in Brimingham, AL.  So we are looking forward to seeing you there next year.

Dog Freaks Out at Cat Lawn Decoration

I want to make it clear that I think it is very irresponsible and stupid of this person to risk getting their dog hit by a car to get this video.

I have to say that the dog and I have the same reaction.

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