Monday, September 21, 2020

Match Columns

When we decided to put our display up at Clackamas County 'Scare'grounds this October, we knew if we wanted to take the demons and the metal Cemetery sign from our columns, we would need to make columns to match the real ones on our driveway.

We had to use a full wood frame to make this as heavy as possible because the metal frame that goes over the arch it has some weight and we did not want it to topple forward.  There is a lip of wood at the top that is not foam covered, that is where the demons will slide down onto, similar to our current set up.

We drew out the grout lines for 4x6 bricks (average size) with a T-square to keep square, then used a Dremel trio on the pink foam.  We used our Demand Durarasp and a wire brush to make the grain.

We use PL glue to glue the sheets to the boards and used wood blocks and strips screw into the wood at the grout lines to hold the glue for 24 hours to set.

We needed to add an extra layer of bricks (to match our fence) that we just glued onto the existing foam.

Painted them black (sprayer and hand painting) and then we had painted tinted to match the (real) columns and then brushed that over the black.  Then I used a medium gray to paint in the grout lines with a small brush.

In order to attach the metal archway, we added PVC pipe painted black to the base (we had to cut out the foam to the base so they would attach directly to the wood.

When we installed them at the fair we used heavy, tall weights at the base of each column to keep it from falling forward. They are also attached to two fences that have steel bases to help brace it. We put the Cemetery sign up and placed the demons on top.  Put Harold our gravedigger/keeper next to it and the first prop in the drive-through is set and ready to go.

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