Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Okay snow is not so bad

It is snowing in the UK and someone over there in Bristol has a great sense of humor

Almost makes me want it to snow here :D

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I think I might be a stalker

cause I have quite a collection of Shellyhawk pieces....there is almost one in every room of the house!  And I have bought a lot more to give as gifts....I think I have a problem.

I got this piece a while back and forgot to post it.  I was up late one night and noticed that Shell had posted this item and knew I had to have it for my pumpkin shelf in the kitchen - I guess my quick purchase stole it out from under my good blog friend Micheal over and Skull and Pumpkin blog....he told Shell that I beat him to it.  You snooze, you loose.

Or in my case....if you buy something someone else wanted.....they can get even by telling the person that is shipping it to be sure to put a spider in the box.  And not being a coward, Michael even had her tag that it was from him.  I have the best friends.

This spider is still sitting on a shelf in my office....and for some miracle the cats have not found it.....yet.

Should I stop stalking her?  Nah, I really want this piece someday!

I really need to find a job soon!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

What you give, will come back to you

I gave my good friend Pam a gift last year at Hauntcon.  She is a very crafty person and has made me some uber cool jewelry over the years that I treasure.  So I picked up these cool skull beads I found on an Etsy shop and sent them to her.  

She then sent me back these cool earrings that she made with them.  I have the best friends EVER.

Sadly it did not have any vodka in it

but my super cool brother-in-law brought me back this awesome skull bottle from his trip to Bogoata - he went to the glass makers shop and picked it out himself.  I am very impressed that it was something he picked up on one of his first days in his three week trip to South America and was able to keep it from breaking as he traveled.  

The Frog Queen and Husband are well loved!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

One of my favorite people

for most of my blogging career (if you can call it that) has been my dear friend Shellhawk.

She is a much better person than me because she sent me this cool goodie bag of stuff way.....before Halloween, and me, I just never said thanks - officially.

I have quite a collection of Shellhawk Creation stuff at the house.....and now it has the addition of this cute little ghost that is now hanging in my pumpkin cabinet in the living room next to her cool ghost pumpkin statue.

Check out her amazing Etsy site and get yourself one of her pieces.  They are amazing and well priced, you will not be sorry.

Happy Haunting everyone!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I need a jet pack

to get myself the hell off this planet.  Did you know that there are spiders that can bury themselves......I wish I didn't.  I used to be able to sleep at night.

Another reason to love avocados

These are made from avocado pits.  I am not sure if the red is dye or blood from cutting up hard seeds with a knife to make these.  If the latter is true....that is really suffering for your art!

Husband is a Frankestein

fan.  Not a monster.....

Hee, hee :D

Anyone that has seen our display would guess that we are fans of the classic Universal Horror movies.  Frankenstein being our favorite.

Husband has quite a collection in his office and the latest addition is a model that our uber talented crew member Toph painted for him.... (BTW - he also painted the one next to it). 

I have to wonder - is Toph making me out to be the "bride"?  I know the original actresses hair was red....I know, but I have to wonder :)

Thanks my friend.  These pictures do not do the amazing work he did justice.

Santa brought me baby pumpkins

The universe must have known it was me.  \

I planted some vine type flowers outside my back door and I noticed that one of the vines growing was some sort of squash.  With the chance that it might be a pumpkin plant I did not remove it, instead letting it grow out into the rose bush below.

I was rewarded for my kindness with a small vine that yielded two small pumpkins around Christmas is good!

This was actually a lot more work

than it looks like.

This year, since the abbey could now been seen from more than one angle, we had make panels for the inside and make inserts to hide the six inch gap between the panels.  Oh, and figure out how to put the whole bloody thing up!

This increase the panels on the abbey by 12 and we had to make 64 inserts for the windows on the second story, 11 pieces of trim to finish the inside and 5 inserts for the lower door openings.

I am here to say, the details will just about kill you.

This photo by Marci Lehman

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

I know no one that knows me or reads this blog would be at all surprised to see that this is what the Christmas tree at the Davis Graveyard looks like....usually there is a cat or two sleeping under there too.  They must all be eating of something.

You know your family has finally accepted your Halloween obsession when they ask if we can hold Christmas at our house.  I have to say "You know that I have a black and orange Christmas tree with spiders and skulls on it right?"

"Of course you do. Sounds good to us."  Husbands family is pretty cool!

I wonder if they drug test

at Fed Ex.  Cause who ever decided to make this frog with a mushroom head as a toy to sell, well, I am sure the mushroom idea had to come from somewhere :D

My mom got this for me along with a few other frog things.   I have been downsizing my frog collection....but I have to keep this one because every time I look at it I just have to say WTF?

I have a lot of catching up to do

sorry - been gone a while and I do owe you an explanation.....I will write it someday.

For now, going to catch up on all the cool gifts I have received since.....oh about Hauntcon last year.  I have the best friends and family.

Lets start with this really cool birthday card Lex made for me for my birthday - I got it in August, my birthday was in November......early birthday presents are the best.  It has a frog and a pumpkin!!! Add handmade to that - and I am the luckiest aunt ever!

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