Saturday, January 19, 2013

This was actually a lot more work

than it looks like.

This year, since the abbey could now been seen from more than one angle, we had make panels for the inside and make inserts to hide the six inch gap between the panels.  Oh, and figure out how to put the whole bloody thing up!

This increase the panels on the abbey by 12 and we had to make 64 inserts for the windows on the second story, 11 pieces of trim to finish the inside and 5 inserts for the lower door openings.

I am here to say, the details will just about kill you.

This photo by Marci Lehman


  1. The end result is surely worth all the hard work, though, isn't it? It's spectacular -- as fine as any ruin we saw in Glastonbury!

  2. So I have to ask... are you going to use the same set for next year or start all over again? Awesome work BTW!

  3. Nice work, when we visited Universal Studios this past fall and the level of detail was similar and we really noticed how much work must have gone into it.


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